PC10372 Mathematics 2
Useful Links

Dr. Fuller
Some interesting or useful links
  1. Discussion of functions of several variables from some notes from a course by Ian Craw
  2. Some links from MIT's World Web Math
    1. Notes on gradients
    2. Notes on partial differentiation
  3. A calculus calculator
  4. Some interest interactive applets
HELM Despite its name, this page, is also very useful to physicists !
Chapters 27, 28 and 29 are most revelent to this course. There are lots of worked examples and exercises (which include the answers).
Some pages about coordinate systems
  1. Interactively explore spherical polar coordinates The application is at the bottom of the page. (Java)
  2. Description of spherical polar coordinates
  3. A very nice description of spherical polar coordinates (You will recognise the diagrams from lecture.)
  4. A different interactive exploration of cylindrical polar coordinates (Flash)

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