Observations: The properties of stars

Basic Equations of Stellar Structure: Hydrostatic equilibrium, Energy
conservation, Energy Transport, Radiation, Convection

Equations of State:
 Ideal gas
 Photons gas
 Saha equation
 Degenerate gas: White dwarf and the Chandrasekhar limit

Energy Sources - nuclear energy:
 pp cycle,
 CNO cycle,
 Other nuclear burning,
Limits on the masses of stars: Brown Dwarfs

Stellar Homology:  mass-luminosity, mass-radius relations, stellar thermostat

The complete problem and  boundary conditions

Polytropic equations of states and polytropes

Main sequence and Post main sequence evolution

End states of stars : Supernovae,  SN 1987A, Neutron stars and pulsars

Stellar Structure and Evolution, P404/P611, Dr. Fuller