ALMA (personal image collection May-Sep 2010)

Photos by Diah Gunawan (DSG), Richard Hills (RH), Robert Laing (RAL), Alison Peck (AP). Please do not reproduce. Please see the ESO Image Archive for official images.
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ALMA on 2010-09-05 - plenty of room to expand! DSG
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The Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment operating for science observations. DSG
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Melco antenna on the left, Vertex on the right. DSG
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Inside a Vertex antenna cabin DSG
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Receiver cartridge assembly provided byt the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK. The receivers, cryostats and so on are interchangeable between antennas. DSG
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One of the Melco antennas provided by the National Observatory of Japan. DSG
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One of the Vertex antennas provided by the North American ALMA partners. DSG
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These pads will eventually be occupied by 7-m antennas but the 12-m fit meanwhile... just! DSG
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Six Vertex antennas and one Melco (right) at the Chajnantur Array Operations Site at 5000 m. DSG
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One of the AEM antennas provided by the European Southern Observatory. RH
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The antenna dishes are delivered in two halves to the Operation Support Facility at 2900 m. DSG
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From left to right: AEM antennas (some awaiting assembly), Melco antennas including a 7-m, the Vertex hangar and antennas. DSG
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There are two transporters called Lore and Otto, here seen manouvering on the steep track to the AOS. DSG
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Fortunately we had just pulled off the road before Otto appeared... DSG
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"She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes..." DSG
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Fortunately very rare snow. AP
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The giant cacti grow in a very narrow altitude range. DSG

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