8. Cross-correlation radial velocity measurements of chromospherically active binaries.
Gunn A.G., Hall J.C., Lockwood G.W. & Doyle J.G.,
A & A, 1996, 305, 146.
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ABSTRACT. We present observational radial velocity curves for 12 chromospherically active binary systems and individual measurements for a further 5 systems. These binaries are LX Per, V471 Tau, EI Eri, OU Gem, GK Hya, TY Pyx, Z Her, MM Her, V772 Her, ER Vul, BD-004234, MY Cyg, AR Lac, KZ And, RT And, SZ Psc and EZ Peg. Six of our target binaries do not agree with published ephemerides or orbital parameters. We also present a rigourous derivation of the resolution limit for binary star cross-correlation radial velocities. Using synthetic spectral data we investigate the errors induced by rotational broadening, signal-to-noise ratio, spectral-type mismatch and luminosity ratio.