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Is there life on other planets?

As part of Science Week 2008, Jodrell Bank has been asking the Big Question "Is there life on other planets?". On Thursday March 13th, we discussed the question with students from Telford College of Art and Science in a special event at Jodrell Bank Observatory. The webcast of this event can be viewed below by clicking on the Play button at the bottom of the window.

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Dr Tim O'Brien from Jodrell Bank also took part in a special discussion with other scientists including Dr Bill Sellers (Faculty of Life Sciences University of Manchester), Dr Kevin Fong (expert on space medicine and lecturer in physiology at UCL), Professor Alan Winfield (Bristol Robotics Laboratories, University of the West of England) concerning the possible nature of extraterrestrial life in an environment similar to the ocean thought to exist under the ice crust of Europa. See this article in the Daily Telegraph.