Markarian 3 18 cm MERLIN & EVN (contours) and HST [OIII] (colours)

One of the best examples of the association of relativistic and ionised gas in Seyfert nuclei, is seen in Markarian 3 mapped with MERLIN + EVN at a resolution of ~25 mas. The [OIII] emission, obtained from HST imaging, follows the synchrotron emission from a highly collimated radio jet. This phenomenon is proving to be common in Seyferts and gives information on both emission mechanisms in the radio jets and the physics of the narrow line regions. Hydrodynamical modelling suggests that the jet compresses a cocoon of gas which is then photo- (or collisionally) ionized.
Kukula (Edinburgh), Holloway, Pedlar (Manchester), Ghosh (Arecibo) and Schilizzi (JIVE)