Astrochemistry at High Resolution


Thursday 7 January 2010
1100Simon GarringtonWelcome to JBCA and the UK ARC
1100Karl Menten (invited)The transformational effect of ALMA on astrochemistry
1200Cormac Purcell Early massive star formation in NGC3576
1220Jane Buckle A wide-field high-resolution view of NGC2264
1240Timothy Davis On the origin of molecular gas in early-type galaxies
1400Peter Bernath (invited) Laboratory spectra of astrophysically important molecules
1440Peter Botschwina High-level ab initio Calculations for (potential) Interstellar Anions: Structures, Spectroscopic Properties and Energetics
1500Catherine Walsh Molecular Line Emission from Protoplanetary Disks
1520AGM of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group
1610Keith Smith Studies of Interstellar Matter on Scales from 10 AU to 1 pc
1630Anthony Remijan Laboratory and Possible Interstellar Detection of /trans/-Methyl Formate
1650Alison Craigon Observational evidence for photoelectric heating in Barnard 35A
1710Luca Fossati HST observations of the hot transiting extrasolar planet WASP-12b: atmospheric blow-off and peculiar stellar evolution?
1730Close of day 1

1900 possible meal - Rusholme Curry Mile ??
Friday 8 January 2010
0900Anita Richards (invited) Molecules as physical and kinematic tracers
0940Malcolm Gray Masers at ultra-high spectral resolution
1000Sandra Etoka Late-type star evolution as seen through OH maser emission
1020Liz Humphreys The Nature Of An AGN Accretion Disk Within The Central Parsec: Strengthened Evidence For Spiral Structure
1100Dieter Engels AKARI observations of the dust around AGB and early post-AGB stars
1120Estelle Bayet Molecules for inferring the influence of the galactic nucleus activity on its star formation
1140Daan Schram The influence of the plasma state in astro- and plasma chemistry
1200Andrew MarkwickDatabases for Astrochemistry
1220Jennifer Williams Modelling massive protostellar envelopes
1240Derek Ward-Thompson (invited) Exciting new results from Herschel and SCUBA II
1320Closing Remarks

Isabel Aleman Molecular Hydrogen in the Ionized Region of Planetary Nebula
Martin Bureau The CO Tully-Fisher relation of early-type galaxies
Alessandra CandianAssignment of UIRs bands to specific classes of PAHs
Rob HargreavesFeH and NH3 Observations
Charlotte HolmesLaboratory measurements of neutral vanadium for the study of stellar and sub-stellar objects
Justin NeillChirped Pulse Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy of Molecules of Astrochemical Interest
Azrael von ProchazkaModelling Hot Cores in the Interstellar Medium